Community Deathcare Canada & Swan Song Festival Celebrate

Join us in creating a local event: a death parade, a death dinner, a death poetry night, cemetery walk, death sidewalk graffiti cafes, death cinema night and storytelling night of those dying or grieving.

How to get involved?

The inaugural Swan Song Festival is open to all those who are interested to see or participate in the festival events. Events will be held nationwide from British Columbia to Halifax, with 15 listed events coordinated to take place on October 19, 2019 and each year thereafter. 

Featured Event

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Join us for a meal and interesting conversation that is lightly facilitated.

As part of an international movement, Death over Dinner is a website, book, and process of bringing people together.

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The Swan Song Festival 2019 is the event to launch Community Deathcare Canada to the Canadian public nationwide. We are Community Deathcare Canada an emerging non-profit group, coming together in response to the needs and interests of Canadians who seek to re-engage with dying and deathcare in more meaningful, holistic, and environmentally sustainable ways! 

Our Mission

We are co-creating a national community of practice that inspires and supports Canadians to engage holistically with dying and deathcare.

Our Values

We believe in the healing and transformative possibilities of a more intimate and participatory relationship with dying and deathcare.

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Our Vision

We imagine a culture where death is reclaimed as an honoured part of life.

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